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The Dugongs of Coron

The gentle giants of the sea

The eco-tourism program "Dugong Watching“is a full-day excursion to several feeding grounds along the Busuanga coast line and two turtle islands for skin and scuba divers. If a dugong is spotted (they surface every 4 to 5 minutes), we watch the animal first from the boat (like whale watching) then approach the dugong by snorkelling and if the dugong doesn’t shy off, on Scuba. We always offer the divers two dives on a small coral garden and sea grass bed with all its glitters.
The trip starts with a 20-minute briefing about the dugong, the trip, and how to approach our little mermaids. Over the last years, we have an 80%+ success rate of dugong sightings with the help of our eagled-eye crew. There is an average of 30 dugongs living in our bay.
We have been working with international documentary crews, photographers, conservationists, biologists, etc. over the years to educate people about this wonderful but endangered species.

El Rio y Mar Resort, Coron

This is our main partner resort when dugong watching but there are other options. El Rio y Mar Resort is an easy 20-minute journey by road and sea from Coron Busuanga Airport.

El Rio y Mar Resort Coron
El Rio y Mar Resort Coron
El Rio y Mar Resort Coron
El Rio y Mar Resort Coron
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