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Donsol, Ticao, Whale Sharks and Mantas!

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Donsol, in the northern Philippines, is thought to be the largest congregation of whale sharks in the world. Swimming with whale sharks is an experience not to be missed!

As the whale sharks in Donsol are protected, only snorkelling is allowed in Donsol Bay, but it is possible to dive with them in nearby areas. However,  the best and most reliable interactions are in Donsol Bay, where the whale sharks come right up to the surface. 

During your whale shark interactions, you will go out on a small boat with a guide and a spotter. The local fishermen have been retrained and will find you whale sharks – no problem! As soon as they see a whale shark, you ready yourself with mask, snorkel and fins, while the boat positions itself so you have time to jump in the water before the shark reaches you. And then you swim alongside these gentle giants….  

Whale Shark, Donnsol.jpg

Whale Shark Snorkelling

In Donsol Bay

Get up close and personal to these gentle giants.

Manta Ray at Manta Bowl.jpg

Dive with giant mantas and whale sharks

Go from Donsol or Ticao

Packages are available from Donsol, or from the private resort on Ticao Island.

Other activites

In and around Legazpi

Mount Mayon, Legazpi.jpg

Mount Mayon

An active volcano!

Trek for one or more days, or hire an ATV (all-terrain vehicle).

Franco n Manta with credits.jpg

Firefly watching

From the river

Take a boat trip up the river to see the amazing displays of the fireflies in the trees.

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