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Misty Slope

Magic Oceans Resort

in Anda, Bohol

The undiscovered gem of the Visayas

Misty Slope

About Anda

Anda is an amazing, peaceful paradise.  Far away from mass tourism, for everybody who leaves peaceful surroundings, this is the place to be.
As it’s quite isolated, they take the services and facilities at the resort really seriously. Most of our guests stay inside the resort - simply because they do not want to leave!

The diving is incredible. Most of the time you won’t see any other divers in the water. The corals are healthy, massive and colourful, there is muck diving, wall diving, sloping coral gardens and little caves – everything is there and so it suits any kind of divers and is a photographers dream!

Aside, from the resort and diving, Bohol has great things to offer on land, such as the tarsier reserve - the smallest monkey, in the world, the chocolate hills, ziplining, etc. and they offer a lot of daytrips from adventurous to relaxing, as well as a Whale Shark trip an hour away where you can dive or snorkel. 

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